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"The Year 2023" is a pay-what-you-want portfolio ebook containing all of my work from last year. This means you can have it for free! It is 4K resolution and intended for display on computer monitors and tablets.

Unlike my previous ebook, this is not instructional. This one is all about the photographs, 107 to be exact! Some of which are being released for the first time ever and aren't even on my website yet.

For the intended viewing experience, I highly recommend viewing it in a proper PDF viewer and not just a web browser. Adobe Acrobat works very well, Microsoft Edge does not.


Tap or click any preview image to zoom.

Year in Review (3840 x 2160 px) (1).jpg
Year in Review (3840 x 2160 px) (2).jpg

...and many more! This ebook is currently the only way to view some of my newest work not published anywhere else, such as the photo above.


Don't want to pay or cannot pay? Simply scroll past the form below and hit the download button at the bottom of this page. No input of personal information or email is required in this case, as it is a direct download link!

If you would like to pay, a download link will also be emailed to you for your convenience.

Pay what you want

If paying, the minimum is $1 due to payment processor fees.


Thanks for your purchase! A download link has been sent to your email. You can also use the button below this form.

To download, right click the button and hit "Save Link As"

Filesize: 393 MB

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