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I'm a landscape photographer based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Over the last decade and a bit landscape photography has become a core part of who I am, transforming the way I see the world and becoming my deepest passion. Within the field of landscape photography, I specialize in photographing forests, canyons, remote locations and unknown places. Exploration is just as interesting to me as the photography itself!

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Photography is a means to express myself and expand my comfort zone. I used to spend my days writing code and exploring virtual worlds, oblivious to the very real and beautiful world around me. Through photography, I learned how to not only see the world, but how to experience it as well. 

My favorite season to experience and photograph these days is autumn. No other season has better light, conditions and dynamics! However I love the unique characteristics of every season, and when the season is changing it means there is something to get excited about. Ultimately I just love being outdoors, with or without my camera, as it's incredibly therapeutic and I wouldn't ever want to live without it!

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My goal with my photographs is not to strictly document the environment, but also to convey my experiences and feelings. To help achieve this, I use a variety of post-processing methods to create something that I can call my own. In the past I was more liberal with this process, but over the last couple years I've been finding I prefer to do less. Each photograph in my portfolio contains the year to help show my progression as a creative and artist.


I'm also a firm believer in discovering new compositions and exploring the lesser known places.


Some of my biggest inspirations have been Cory Trépanier, Marc Adamus, Ted Gore, Ryan Dyar and Artur Stanisz. This is far from exhaustive, however, and many other photographers and artists continue to inspire me with their work and dedication.

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In September 2020 I quit my job to pursue this venture full time. I hope you enjoy following along, as I have exciting plans for the next few years that will continue to push my comfort zone and lead to new places.


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