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For this webinar I teamed up with Matt Jackisch, a good friend and extremely talented landscape photographer.


This time we're switching gears a bit and the topic is composition, particularly about the approaches, methods and philosophies we use to create compelling photographs in the forests and mountains.

PS: If you've never seen Matt's photography, be sure to check out his Instagram @matt_jackisch or head over to his website.

"Lair of the Restless" by Tristan Todd

"Chasing Unicorns" by Matt Jackisch


$19.99 USD

4 hours


This webinar was recorded live on March 26th and is a whopping 4 hours long! It covers both of our approaches, plus we field some questions from viewers that attended live.

Hit the button below to purchase and watch it at any time. Skip to 20 minutes 50 seconds for the official webinar start.




Tristan is a landscape photographer based in Vancouver, British Columbia. He loves to teach others, helping them hone their craft and have that "aha!" moment where everything clicks.  Over the years he has become known for his forest photography and ability to make sense of the chaotic rainforest in a way that captivates the viewer.



Over the past decade, Matt has combined his love of travel, adventure and story telling to embrace the language of landscape photography. Matt believes deeply in the honest depiction of the human experience as well as one's own intimate connection to what they wish to articulate. Every photograph was seen through his eyes. With the application of several advanced digital techniques Matt is able to manually overcome the limitations of a camera while artfully drawing his viewers into the frame. He has turned patience and waiting for the perfect light into an artform itself.

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