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I'm proud to work with Vancouver-based 604 Canvas for my canvas prints. The quality of their canvas prints is unparalled!

Canvas prints may not be the fanciest way to display art, but they're a personal favourite of mine. They do not suffer from glare and feel like a painting, and are more affordable than metal or acrylic.

Each piece is printed with UltraChrome HDX pigment ink on Epson Signature Worthy matte canvas. After printing, the canvas is stretched over locally sourced, 1.5" kiln dried hemlock. They come ready to hang via hook! By default, my canvas prints have mirrored edges and come with a matte finish.


The edge can be changed upon request, and for an extra charge we can apply a satin finish. However, canvas looks best with the default matte finish, so I recommend leaving it at that! And the best part? If you're a Metro Vancouver local, we can arrange for a pickup at 604canvas where you will meet myself and the printers!


Please contact me for a custom quote if you:


  • Are located outside of Canada or the USA
  • Need a custom size or crop

Canvas Print

  • As each print is custom-made to order, sales are final and no returns are accepted. If your print is damaged or lost in transit, a new one will be made and sent out.

  • All prints are archival and museum-quality. However, as with all print products, please avoid displaying them in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. For canvas in particular, avoid displaying or storing in humid locations, such as bathrooms or kitchens.

    To store or transport your print, use bubble wrap or acid-free craft paper.

    Care must be taken when cleaning your canvas print:

    • only use microfiber towels - regular towels or paper towels can damage the surface
    • if you just want to clean off accumulated dust, simply use a dry microfiber towel or duster
    • if you need to clean off fingerprints or other marks, lightly dampen your cloth and wipe the print
    • avoid household cleaners and harsh chemicals, as these will damage your print
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