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On the fence about purchasing a tutorial or booking a lesson? Here are some reviews from my clients. Don't hesitate to Contact Me if you have any questions!


Dennys H

"Tristan is a fantastic instructor with an excellent eye. He walks you through the process of editing an image from start to finish and isn't afraid to breakdown each step of the process in a very descriptive way. I highly recommend a session with Tristan if you're looking to up your photography, photo editing, or just general Photoshop skills."


Jeremiah D

"Thank you for a great editing session. It was a great experience being able to chat with you and watch how you did things step by step. I definitely learned some new things and can’t wait to try them on my own. Something I’d definitely recommend for people to try."


Chelsea K

"Tristan is a really patient teacher. He takes his time with training you the ins and outs of making a really beautiful polished unique photo. His style comes through his training and he isn’t afraid to teach you his trade secrets. I’ll be coming back for another lesson!"


Jason I

"Tristan is a great photographer who is happy to share his knowledge to help others become great too. It was nice to see a fresh approach to editing that I can incorporate into my own workflow."


Cosmin S

"I enjoyed the video very much. This is a great tutorial, I recommend it to everyone who wants to get their photography to another level!"


Devin R

"Great tutorial! Tristan really provides value beyond the same techniques found in other Photoshop tutorials. He walks you very clearly through what to do, and also explains why. There is something in here for beginners, as well as advanced Photoshop users."


Shane O

"I consider myself as having a good knowledge of Photoshop, or so I thought until I watched your tutorial - it opened up my eyes to new ways to achieve different effects and to create more depth in my images. I thoroughly enjoyed it."


Giovanni N

"This is a very complete and accurate tutorial on 5 selective techniques that changed my Photoshop workflow, and resulted in more naturally looking and pleasant photographs. I could not recommend it enough!"

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