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People often ask me how I get that nice light above waterfalls or how I make moss look so lush and green. In this video, I share those techniques, along with a few others! You will learn how to:


  • Create glow above waterfalls and paint in waterfall mist

  • Paint depth into forest scenes, even those without fog

  • Manipulate water to bring out the details and emphasize your leading lines

  • Bring moss and ferns to life

  • Remove distracting elements from your images


For each technique, I demonstrate it on at least two different images so that you get a better idea of how to apply them in different lighting conditions. If you're unfamiliar with luminosity masks, I also teach you how to create and manipulate them, as they're a core part of my workflow. No panels are required for this!

For all editing I use the latest version of Adobe Photoshop, however all of my methods will work with older versions.

Example of a fully edited image edited image, using the techniques shown in this video:

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