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This is Volume 2 of my ultimate collection, spanning my best years of photography, during which I've been fortunate enough to visit many incredible places while finding and honing my artistic voice.

The sub-theme of this volume is epic light. Light is the heart of all photography and there are few things I enjoy more than disconnecting from daily life and chasing it. The search doesn't always reward me with a photograph, but that's okay because it makes the experience all the more enjoyable when it does. 

Getting away from the city and going into nature, where solitude is boundless, is my therapy. It's why I tend to prefer exploring places that are a bit off the beaten path, or visiting when weather conditions might keep most people away. My idea of fun can range from camping for a week in the double digit negatives, without even a campfire to warm me up, to something as simple as sitting in a canyon for a few hours on a hot day and watching the world slowly drift by. The common theme in all of this is disconnecting from modern life, connecting with nature and discovering myself.

I have been fortunate enough to see, photograph and experience an extremely small percentage of this incredible corner of the world. This collection is a visual expression of not only what I saw, but also what I felt, and it contains some of my very best work. Inside every image is a small part of myself. I sincerely hope you enjoy viewing these pieces as much as I enjoy creating them.

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