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I live in Vancouver, BC and our local rainforests speak to me on a very personal level. I truly feel at home when I'm wandering through a rainy, misty forest. The sights, sounds and especially smells are so enthralling that they almost overwhelm the senses.

I've made it my goal to artistically and uniquely document my experiences and the beauty of these places, which ranges from lush canyons, epic waterfalls, huge ferns, ancient trees and more. This collection contains some of my favorite pieces. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them. If you'd like a deeper look into my creative process and what drives me as an artist, I highly recommend reading my blog entry about it.

These places are extremely fragile, and we live in a world with a rapidly changing climate. For this reason, I've subscribed to a carbon offset program from tentree to more than account for any emissions as a result of these NFTs. 29 trees will be planted each month, resulting in the removal of 4.5 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere every month.

0.2Ξ per piece

10% creator royalty

Once 5 pieces have been sold, I will begin airdropping new 1/1 pieces to every current holder. Some may be brand new pieces, some may be existing works from my portfolio. Drop order will go from my oldest collectors to my newest.

At 15 pieces sold, 5 random holders will receive fine art prints of their pieces. If the collection sells out, 5 more random holders will receive fine art prints!

5% of primary sales are donated to the Ancient Forest Alliance and another 5% goes to Give Back to Nature.

Any collector, current or past, is eligible to receive a tutorial of their choice, free of charge.

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