1 on 1 Processing Lessons

Looking to take your processing to the next level? With digital, one on one lessons, I can make that happen! Select one of your images (or ask me which is a good choice) and I will process it with you, from start to finish. If you don't have any suitable images, we can use one of mine. We will take as long as we need, although a lesson typically takes around 90-120 minutes. You'll also receive a video recording of your lesson! Payment is processed through PayPal.

My processing is performed in Lightroom and Photoshop, so I highly recommend that you have the latest versions of these programs!

RATE: $90.00 USD / $110 CAD

REQUIREMENTS: Image(s) in RAW format, must be a landscape or cityscape. Discord is my preferred application for screen sharing and voice calls, but I'm open to using whatever program works best for you.

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Image Licensing

I have licensed images for use in album art, book cover art and websites. If you are looking for an image to use in digital or printed materials, use the link below to contact me! Please include which image or images are of interest, what they would be used for, and the name of your business if applicable.

For licensing, please send me an email from the Contact Me page.

Image courtesy of Neurotech

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