I work directly with two small printing companies in Canada to create stunning, museum quality prints that will last a lifetime. If you already know what you want, scroll to the bottom to see prices for common print sizes and then hit the Request Quote button. If you're unsure of what you want or are curious what I offer, read through the sections below! Any questions can be submitted via the Contact Me page or the Request Quote button. As each print is unique, all sales are final. All prices in Canadian dollars.

Canvas Wraps

For canvas prints, I'm proud to work with Vancouver-based 604canvas. The quality of their canvas prints is unparalleled. Each piece is printed with UltraChrome HDX pigment ink on Epson Signature Worthy matte canvas. After printing, the canvas is stretched over locally sourced, 1.5" kiln dried hemlock. They come ready to hang via hook!

By default, my canvas prints have mirrored edges and come with a matte finish. The edge can be changed upon request, and for an extra charge we can apply a satin finish. However, canvas looks best with the default matte finish, so I recommend leaving it at that! And the best part? If you're a Metro Vancouver local, we can arrange for a pickup at 604canvas where you will meet myself and the printers!

Metal, Acrylic and More

Untitled photo

For everything else, I'm proud to work with Calgary-based Pixx Imaging. The quality of their prints has to be seen to be believed. Through Pixx Imaging, I'm able to offer prints on metal, acrylic, light boxes and of course, fine art photo paper. Fine art paper prints come rolled by default, but framing options are available if you don't want to do that part yourself! Images are printed using the beautiful 12-Color LUCIA EX pigment inks.

If printing on fine art paper, there are two options to choose from. The first is Breathing Color Vibrance Matte, 12mil 230g, which is a smooth paper with a bit of weight to it, ideal for my more detailed landscapes.

Alternatively I offer prints on Breathing Color 600MT, 17mil 300g, which is a thick, textured matte paper. Prints on this are actually a bit more fragile, so it's also finished with Artshield's matte UV laminate. This paper is particularly great for my city images where I go for more of a painterly look.

If you're looking for something modern and eye-catching, I recommend a metal or acrylic print. And if budget is not a concern, light box prints are a truly spectacular way to breathe life into a room.

Not in Canada? For American print orders I typically use Bay Photo. If you're located somewhere else, contact me and I can find a printer better suited to deliver to your location!

Ordering and Pricing

On any paper/canvas print, I can fulfill almost any print size, as long as the short side is no wider than 40". Metal and acrylic have a max size of 40x60 and light boxes can be no larger than 32x40.

For most prints 24x36 and smaller, shipping is typically about $29 to Western Canada. Light boxes and anything oversized will come with additional shipping and handling charges. In all cases, local canvas pick-up is free! There is a large jump in prices for anything over 24x36. This is due to the extra work needed on my part to ensure a high quality and detailed print despite the large size. Sometimes this involves having a test print made or completely re-editing the image from scratch. For these extra large prints, I utilize powerful AI upscaling programs to maintain the same stunning detail found in smaller prints, something previously only possible with panoramas or extremely high resolution cameras.

I'm more than happy to have custom crops printed for you as well. Depending on the crop, this may come with extra charges for the same reason that extra large prints have additional costs involved. My priority is always to have a beautiful piece of art made for you.

Below are some prices for common print sizes and materials. As always, costs and shipping charges are subject to change. These prices are current as of March 2021. To place an order or ask for a quote, please click the button below. I'm also more than happy to provide recommendations for sizes and print material based on the image you're interested in!

  12x18 16x24 20x30 24x36 36x54 40x60
Canvas Wrap $100 $135 $175 $250 $675 $700
Metal $115 $135 $255 $395 $675 $700
Matte or Satin Paper $50 $75 $100 $125 $445 $525
Textured Paper $75 $100 $125 $155 $475 $555
Acrylic $140 $200 $295 $400 $875 $995
Light Box $215 $295 $495 $725 $950* ----

*price for 32x40

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